In March 2003 we first saw the property 'Herdade das Ferrenhas' near Freixo in the Alentejo. Freixo is a small village belonging to the community of Redondo. The farmhouse and a surrounding 15 ha were proposed to desannexate from the much bigger cork oak growery, approx. 380 ha. The Ministry of Agriculture in Lisbon in January 2004, followed by the local authorities in Evora in March 2004 decided that the desannexation could be executed. On April 30, 2004 the contract between sellers and buyers was signed and the Herdade is now legally owned by Vera and Eric Runge.
Sr. de Almeida The farm was owned by the wife of António José de Almeida, who lived from 1866 till 1929. Sr. de Almeida was a Portuguese statesman. Being a republican, he was minister of the interior in the provisional government after the overthrow of the monarchy in 1910. As leader of the moderate Evolutionist party, he was premier of a coalition cabinet in World War I and later, from 1919 till 1923 president of the Republic.

Around the middle of last century up to 50 people lived at the Herdade.

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