Since last summer a lot of things happened. We changed our plans from starting an official bed & breakfast into a renovation including the establishment of an appartment that can be rented. In October 2004 we selected a builder, Climaco Construções. In November the renovation started. And after a few challenges or problems (see also the page The renovation project), the majority of the planned items were done by the middle of July 2005. The floor was not as we expected as was the workmanship of carpenter and painter, but all in all we were not dissatisfied.

Generator house

The small house in front of the main house is turned into a generator house. The generator set was bought from ERL. The installation was also done by ERL, and in a later phase by Connexion. The start of the system was extremely difficult: wrong deliveries, missing parts, wrong advices, holiday time, diesel fuel pump severely damaged, air in cooling system. In October 2005 the manufacturer inspected the system on site and also the first service was done. All necessary equipment to run the system automatically, i.e. driven by the voltage of the battery set were installed. Again a fault occurred and the Digital Diesel Control module was exchanged after 4 days(!). The problem however is not the control module self, but a known software problem in the latest version software. This story will be continued.

generator house
august 2004

may 2005

august 2005

arrival generator
august 2005

newly painted door

generator set

generator set after modifications

2 cooling radiators at the back

1 display for generator,
1 display for the batteries

Appartment & Main House

The mainhouse and the stable, now the appartment, did get new roofs, doors and windows.
Connections have been made from appartment to the main house and from the apartment
to the small annexed house, which has been turned into a kitchen, a toilet and a shower.

appartment&mainhouse april 2004
april 2004

august 2005